What is EPIC805?
EPIC805 is a public trust resource watch network seeking to locate, document, and inform appropriate agencies to resolve observed environmental problems on the Central Coast.
  • Need

    The EPIC805 project fills a needed gap between citizens and government agencies to solve local problems that threaten our water, our land, our way of life on the Central Coast.


  • Participation

    Participation in the EPIC805 project provides a way for community members to expand and assist the capacity of local, regional, state, and federal agencies by speeding up the detection of problems and information gathering that may lead to investigation.


  • Solution

     EPIC805 can be used to address concerns about illegal dumping; sewage spills; streambed alteration; confined animal operations; fish and wildlife violation; or other environmental compliance issues.


  • Report It!

    If you have ever seen something that made you ask “Hey, is that allowed?” report the issue to EPIC805. Reporting is quick, easy, and anonymous!